Thursday, November 12, 2009


hurm...actually this blog was made during "Bengkel Membina Blog" anjuran Unit Sistem Maklumat. Seramai >< 30 participants yg terdiri drpd lectures n unit staffs. This bengkel is more to practical / hands on... yg bestnya all participants terdiri drpd pelbagai lapisan umur. Mcm2 jenis blog ada.. Mine one is more about me (b’cos I’m not feeling very well yesterday so I don’t think much). Hantam saja la… So after the session we hv to present our own blog. Xsangka la terpilih antara 3 blog terbaik. First impression nmpk WOW sb background tu cantek tp c0ntent xdak hapa p0n. InsyaAllah I will update this blog from time to time. As for me, through this blog i want to share with all my students especially, about myself, my thoughts, my experiences, my knowledges and vice versa. Kalo boleh nk jadikan satu portal di mana my students bole akses to get the lecture notes, tutorial, assignments and etc. Cara ni agak santai skit moreover students skarang ni lebih advance pastu lak depa ni lebey suka surf web2 likes blogspot, friendster, myspace, facebook drpd surf web poli.. Thanks to USM for ur efforts. Double thumbs up to USM (Unit Sistem Maklumat, PTSB). I’d gain a lot of experiences and knowledge in just 1 day. Ok la..ada kelas ni.. for all my friends out there, thanks for ur supports. I love u ols emmmuaahhh tunggu la kemunculan baru blog nih..muahahaha da….

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

hi i'm newB here.
actually im no gOOd in wrltlng so l hOpe thrOugh this blOg l can pOlish my wrltlng skills..
nk buat blOg sendirik pOn kene g bengkel..kes3
thanks tO kak sab.. ur the bEst!!!
and i really need all ur suppOrts..